Saturday, June 25, 2016

Why do people change?

There's always that part of me that hates the fact that people have to change. I hate being uncertain about things. I hate that people are actually capable of tricking people into thinking that they've changed. Has he changed? Did I shock him that much that he felt like he needed to change? Or is it just one big game?

These thoughts will always be running through my mind. I feel like a fool because part of me feels like he has changed, but the other part of me knows what he's like.

Love is a cruel thing. The fact you can love someone so much that you begin to hate them, but at the same time, the lust attached to them is so what addictive. I love the idea that it's wrong that I love you, wrong that all I want in life is you.

Is it wrong that I want you but I don't? Someone, please make me feel normal.