Sunday, July 31, 2016


I was inspired by INTHEFROW to write something positive for once, something that changes my perspective on the world, just for a moment. I thought I'd put a post together explaining, in detail, the 5 things in life that make me truly appreciate the world that we live in.


I live for my wake up call by nature, it's the one thing that's pretty much the same where ever you are in the world. From the city to a campsite- bird calls will never go unnoticed. I'll never take for granted the dance of the trees and how every movement they make gives off a different tune. Then you have the flick of the kettle and the pop of the toaster to make you feel right at home. Bare feet dancing on the wooden floor to you favourite upbeat tune and the tapping of impatience and hunger on the kitchen cabinet. From morning kisses to my lips taking the first sip of lukewarm tea is pure seduction and innocence.

I guess everyone's perception of a morning playlist is different, but I have to say I much prefer the sound of ruffled sheets and morning yawns far more than the UK TOP 40, but we all have our preferences.


There's something so refreshing about meeting new people and hearing all their fresh stories and interests. I experienced this a couple of days ago. Completely new people, in a difference country, with completely different interests to me. They were very different to the typical scouse 'wa u lookin' aat' kind of people I'm used to. Kid me not! I'll never forget my roots, and there are many people from home I will stay in touch with, but new faces and personalities are always exciting. I live for storytelling and the 'have you ever's and the 'what do you think of?'s. 

The CLICK's. There's nothing better. Meeting someone for the first time can be daunting and can send anxiety rushing through your body like no tomorrow. All this is brushed to the side and forgotten about when the two of you click. You suddenly begin to feel like you and them have been friends for decades and travelled the world together. But you haven't, and I truly believe then, in fate and destiny.


That beat, the first lyric, and the first tune has you feeling a million different emotions and feelings. There is nothing more exciting about hearing something that feels so right and so normal. This happened to me when I heard the song Chocolate by the 1975 two or three years ago. The intro, the chorus, the lyrics just felt right to me, it puts a smile on my face and makes me feel like I could do anything with my life. It gives me pleasure and hope in humanity that feelings can truly be shared through the pluck of a guitar string or a tap of a piano key. Hearing that song on the radio, in the gym, car, festival or through headphones makes me feel like I'm hearing it for the first time. The head bob and the finger tap and the grin on my face come back to me again, and I feel unstoppable.


You're either a lover or a hater of quotes, some people get them some people don't! I, personally live for them. Written by famous people, past or present, celebrities or just smart people who know how to work with their words, I love them all and I wish that I could share everyone that I've ever screenshotted. There's something about seeing something so relatable that just makes me so happy. It's that feeling of seeing a quote that is so damn relatable, so you decide to tweet it, post it on Instagram, suddenly this quote is in every single one of your social media platform bios. But it makes you feel like someone is feeling just like you are, and by sharing the quote with your followers and your friends continues that cycle of togetherness and helps others know that they are not alone.


I'm a lover of smells, I smell everything; makeup, clothing, surroundings, furniture, pretty much everything. I haven't quite figured out why I do it, or what I'm trying to achieve from smelling that lipstick in Chanel while the sales women looks at me like I should be somewhere more 'cushioned walls' and 'blue pyjama co-ord' esc.  It's odd how many memories can spill just from one smell. There was a perfume my mum use to wear when I was a little girl. I use to call it 'Mummy's going out perfume' and it smelt so feminine and edgy and it made me feel happy because I knew she was excited to be going somewhere. My current shampoo smells a lot like Sainsbury's baby fabric conditioner and that reminds me of when my brother was born, and holding him in my arms, looking at him and thinking how can someone be so precious?

I'm scared that if I don't give something a quick sniff I'll miss something, and I live for the flashbacks and the smiles and the 'OMG THAT SMELL REMINDS ME OF HOLIDAY". You guessed it, Suncream.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why is everyone always so infatuated about everyone else's lives.

You know what's annoying? When you know, point blank that you haven't done or said something, and no one believes you. Is my word not good enough to put your rumours to bed? All I can say to this is as long as you know you're in the right, and you know that your closest 'people' believe you or have your back then everything's okay.

Who cares what Justin thinks and who gives a dam about Chris' opinion of you, not me. Why is everyone always so infatuated about everyone else's lives...

In theory, it just goes to show how boring their lives must be. Take it as a compliment, you're like the Kim Kardashian of your inner circle of friends.

In the end of the day, as long as you're happy and you have the ability to ignore everyone opinion of you then Bobs your uncle. I suppose all I can say is it going to matter in a week and if so a month and if so a year?

Take a breath and relax, dream of the future and do what you want to do.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Why do people change?

There's always that part of me that hates the fact that people have to change. I hate being uncertain about things. I hate that people are actually capable of tricking people into thinking that they've changed. Has he changed? Did I shock him that much that he felt like he needed to change? Or is it just one big game?

These thoughts will always be running through my mind. I feel like a fool because part of me feels like he has changed, but the other part of me knows what he's like.

Love is a cruel thing. The fact you can love someone so much that you begin to hate them, but at the same time, the lust attached to them is so what addictive. I love the idea that it's wrong that I love you, wrong that all I want in life is you.

Is it wrong that I want you but I don't? Someone, please make me feel normal.